We love getting feedback from our patients and checking in on their journeys long after they’ve left our office. Below are some testimonials from past and present patients.

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As both a patient and referring physician of Dr. Mondestin, I can honestly say she is top-notch. Her compassion and expertise make her my go-to MFM specialist for complex cases as well as routine care. She treats every patient with the utmost care and attention. She is simply amazing.

-Mary Hammell, MD

Dr. Mondestin went absolutely above and beyond for us and we were extremely impressed with her dedication, knowledge, and professionalism. She truly cares about people and it shows. We were referred to Dr. Mondestin for her expert opinion after receiving very upsetting news from our obgyn about a possible abnormality with our baby's heart at 23 weeks. Dr. Mondestin called me and said she could see us and check the baby out even though she didn't have office hours on a Friday night. She knew we had an appointment with CHOP only three days later, but she understood how important it was to us, as first time parents, to see a specialist immediately to put our minds at ease. Dr. Mondestin spent over two and half hours with us on a Friday night and thoroughly checked the baby out from head to toe via ultrasound, and did not just look at the baby's heart that was in question. She told us she didn't see anything alarming and she would continue to follow up with us even after our appointment with CHOP. The pediatric cardiologist at CHOP confirmed the same findings as Dr. Mondestin. Dr. Mondestin called me after our CHOP appointment, as promised, and I cannot be more appreciative of her kindness and dedication.

-Christine Ferrari

Dr. Modestin is an incredible MFM doctor. She takes the time to get to know each patient, and immediately puts them at ease. She is experienced and knowledgeable but also kind and caring. She treats her patients like they are family or long-time friends. Her new facility is beautiful, with a spa-like atmosphere. She always goes above and beyond, and the patients feel cared for both mentally and physically. I highly recommend her to anyone needing an MFM physician.


Dr. Modestin has been absolutely amazing. From my first visit she and her staff made me feel cared for and important throughout my pregnancy journey. Every visit has been such a pleasure. When you walk into the office you get an instant sense of calmness and greeted by the most pleasant staff, which is awesome, especially when the daily stress of pregnancy can be so overwhelming. I highly recommend choosing Princeton Perinatal Institute.

-Erin Miller

Dr. Modestin is without question one of the best doctors I have encountered. During a challenging pregnancy, I started seeing her at the recommendation of my OBGYN. It was the best decision I made. She is a brilliant doctor who is truly an expert in maternal fetal medicine. She listens carefully to her patients and takes the time to explain each process, step by step. What impressed me most was her unwavering commitment to ensuring that I received the best medical care. In one instance, she stepped in to re-do an ultrasound to double-check the findings of the tech before making her recommendations. Her bold decision proved to be invaluable--in this case the tech made several mistakes that Dr. Modestin immediately caught (and saved me from an incorrect diagnosis). During the period of time that I worked with her, she showed me nothing but utmost respect and cared for me and my baby as if we were family. She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I would have a smooth pregnancy. I always knew that I could call on her if I had any questions and concerns. When I went into labor, she reached out to me to make sure I was OK and even stopped by the hospital to see me and the baby. I'll never forget that--it exemplifies the extraordinary doctor that she is. I highly recommend her and I plan on working with her if I should get pregnant again.

-Keisha B.

Dr Mondestin is absolutely the reason why we have a healthy 8 month old boy running around today! So blessed to have her during one of final visits. She took the time to care and it made a world of a difference in our lives. I feel she truly has a gift, her measurements and calculations after performing my 37 week ultrasound, HERSELF, was on point! She took the time to do what doctors are suppose to do. It is so hard to find a physician that goes above and beyond from my experiences. She is one that goes above and beyond! I have and will continue to recommend without giving it a second thought to anyone looking for MFM care. For myself, I look forward to seeing her in the future. I wouldn’t trust my care and the care of my unborn baby to any other doctor!

-Pinali & Sharad

My wife and I were referred to Dr Mondestin because of some complications in my wife's pregnancy. We found Dr Mondestin to be very upfront in explaining the situation as it was without any sort of sugar coating it. Having said that, she supported us right from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy like we were her own family member. She is extremely good in what she does and and helped us have a very beautiful and healthy baby girl. Without Dr Mondestin we are not sure if we would have had our healthy baby. If you are in a high pregnancy situation or otherwise and are looking for an expert doctor, there is no one else would I recommend other than Dr Mondestin. She is not one of the best but she is the best out there. Period!

-Karthik Seetharaman

I met Dr. Mondestin 14 years ago. I was sent to see her because of my history of miscarriages (3). Dr. Mondestin is the most caring and genuinely compassionate not only doctor but person I have had the pleasure to meet. Dr. Mondestin sat with my husband and I for close to an hour listening to our concerns and medical history. After the consultation a Sonogram was performed and it was found that my pregnancy was at risk, my son was funneling. Dr. Mondestin acted quickly and with so much urgency and concern, the next day I was in surgery for a cerclage and was put on bed rest. I saw her regularly though my pregnancy and I remember her telling me once “ I am losing sleep over you.” It was not an easy pregnancy it had some drama and close calls, but Dr. Mondestin was always there watching out for and over me. My son Anthony is a very healthy, happy intelligent and sweet young man whom I wholeheartedly believe would not be here if it were not for Dr. Mondestin. If you are lucky enough to be a patient of hers, know that you are in the best hands she will move mountains. There is not better!

-C. Puglisi