Preconception Counseling



Preconception counseling may be helpful to any woman interested in evaluating and discussing her risk prior to pregnancy.

Routine counseling may be offered at your OB/Gyn's office.

Of special interest to Dr Mondestin is the preconception counseling of women with increased BMI which is being increasingly recognized not only as a significant contributor to various health issues but also to infertility, various pregnancy complications, and various health related issues later on in life in her newborn child as well.

Routine preconception counseling is also offered to patients for a broad range of other issues which may include but is not limited to:  

  • Advanced maternal age and possibly other complicating factors

  • Those requiring medical clearance prior to IVF

  • Underlying medical complications or various exposures considering pregnancy

  • Prior pregnancy complicated by various complications such as:

    • Stillbirth

    • Recurrent pregnancy losses

    • Preterm delivery

    • Early onset preeclampsia.